Naples Ethics Group was created to provide the highest-quality consulting and education in professional ethics, both in the corporate world and in the classroom, based on the following key concepts.

The Virtues.
To act with integrity implies acquiring the classical, cardinal virtues (courage, moderation, justice, prudence) and putting them into practice in a professional setting.

A profession is different in kind from a business, and therefore professional ethics is different in kind from business ethics.  It is of the highest importance for professionals to grasp the distinctive nature of a profession and aim to live in accordance with the ideals of their profession.

Conscience and Professional Responsibility.  
Nearly all failures in professional ethics are a matter of someone not following his or her conscience, or not having a well-educated conscience.  Hence a professional must be sensitive to the distinctive claims of conscience.

The Priority of Principles to Rules. 
Professionals must live by standards and rules, but not exploiting them in such a way as to violate or subvert the principles which those rules were meant to serve.

The Objectivity of Morality.  
Skepticism and relativism may be interesting systems to debate in an abstract way, but in the realm of professional practice they cannot be sustained:  sound professionalism requires that objective moral standards be recognized and affirmed in a commonsense way.

The Common Good.  
No one acts in a vacuum, or as a monad, but rather everyone has ties and responsibilities to the various associations to which he or she belongs: profession, firm, and society.  Attention to the common good is the best remedy for exploitative selfishness and self-seeking egoism.

Breadth of Education. 
All specialized, technical expertise should be placed on the basis of a sound education, and in particular professional ethics needs to be approached from a broad and sound philosophical basis.  Narrow training alone makes someone narrow; good judgment requires a big picture.

Our team has years of experience in professional ethics.  We are a limited liability company and are based in Naples, Florida.

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